Saturday, September 25, 2010

Express Filter VI

Summary: Explore the data flow of an example VI.


Complete the following steps to use the NI Example Finder to search for an example VI that generates a sine wave with a frequency of 10Hz and an amplitude of 10V with white noise of 1V of amplitude and applies a filter.
  1. Select Help>>Find Examples to open the NI Example Finder.
  2. Click the Search tab and type filter in the Type in the word(s) to search for text box. Notice that this word choice reflects what you want this Express VI to do-filter a signal.
  3. Select filter to display the example VIs that include filter in the title.
  4. Find the example VI called Express and double-click to open it.
  5. Open the block diagram of the VI, shown in Figure 1.
    Figure 1
    Figure 1 (dataflowbd.png)
  6. Click the Highlight Execution button, shown at left, on the toolbar to slow down the execution of the program so you can observe the execution order on the block diagram.
  7. Click the Run button
  8. Observe the block diagram. Notice the flow of data on the block diagram. For example, notice that the Tone Measurements2 Express VI cannot output data until it receives data from the Filter Express VI.
  9. Close the VI when finished. Do not save changes.

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