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Pop-up Graph VI and Use Pop-up Graph VI


Complete the following steps to build a VI that acquires temperature once every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds, displays a subVI front panel that shows the acquired data in a graph, and keeps the front panel open until you click a button.

1.A) Front Panel

Open a blank VI and build the following front panel.
Figure 1
Figure 1 (usepopup.png)
Use the following guidelines to assist you in building the front panel.
  • The indicator to the right of the thermometer is a digital display belonging to the thermometer. Right-click the thermometer and select Visible Items>>Digital Displayfrom the shortcut menu to display the digital value.
  • Change # of data values to signed 32-bit integer (I32) representation.

1.B) Block Diagram

  1. Build the following block diagram.
    Figure 2
    Figure 2 (usepopupbd.png)
    1. tempicon.png Place the Thermometer VI from a previous exercise on the block diagram. This VI acquires the current temperature value.
    2. waitms.png Place the Wait Until Next ms Multiple function, located on the Functions>>All Functions>>Time & Dialog palette, on the block diagram. Right-click the input, select Create>>Constant, and type 500 in the constant to cause the For Loop to execute every 500 ms.
    3. multiply.png Place the Multiply function, located on the Functions>>Arithmetic & Comparison>>Express Numeric palette, on the block diagram. This function multiplies each element of the output array by 0.50 to scale the x values to represent the time interval at which the VI takes the measurements.
    4. popupicon.png Place the Pop-up Graph VI, located in the C:\Exercises\LabVIEW Basics I directory, on the block diagram. This VI plots the temperature data on an XY graph.
    5. Complete the block diagram as shown in the previous figure.
  2. Save the VI as Use Pop-up in the C:\Exercises\LabVIEW Basics I directory.
  3. Configure the subVI to display its front panel when called.
    1. Double-click the Pop-up Graph subVI to open its front panel.
    2. Select File>>VI Properties.
    3. Select Window Appearance from the Category pull-down menu.
    4. Click the Customize button. Configure the window appearance as shown in the dialog box.
      Figure 3
      Figure 3 (custwinapp.png)
    5. Click the OK button twice and save and close the subVI. If the front panel is not closed, it will not close after the subVI runs.
  4. Run the Use Pop-up Graph VI. After the VI acquires 10 seconds of temperature data, the front panel of the Pop-up Graph VI displays and plots the temperature data. Click the DONE button to return to the calling VI.
  5. Change the window appearance settings for the Pop-up Graph subVI to the Dialog window style.
  6. Save and close the subVI.
  7. Run the Use Pop-up Graph VI again. The Pop-up Graph subVI front panel window behaves as a dialog box. For example, the window stays on top of all other windows and uses the system colors.
  8. Close all open VIs.

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