Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Programming LabView - Clusters Part 1

Clusters in LabView are similar to "Structures" in C or other programming languages. Clusters provide a way of organizing multiple pieces of data that are not of the same type. In the previous lesson, you saw that arrays provide a way to store and index multiple pieces of information that are of the same type. Clusters provide a similar capability for unrelated data types. However, the pieces of information are "bundled" and "unbundled" rather than indexed. Lets take a look at some examples.

Select the cluster container to place on the front panel:

Here is what it looks like placed. It appears very similar to the array container:

Now place some other controls on the front panel. They can be any type of control, and you can change their names as you like.

Select and drag all the controls into the cluster container. It will look like the following:

That is pretty bad. Some of the controls aren't even visible. Right click on the edge of the container and navigate to the following menu to select "Size to Fit"

Now everything is visible:

See the next chapter for the continuation of this lesson.

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