Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progress - What's Next?

Armed with the following knowledge the groundwork is in place to learn LabView:

  1. Block Diagram
  2. Front Panel
  3. SubVIs, Icons, Connector Panes
  4. Navigating Menus
The rest of your learning will follow a consistent process of exploring the block diagram and front panel menus for new controls, indicators, and logic elements to place and wire.

You are ALMOST at the point where you could begin to learn by simply downloading example VIs and taking a look at them and what they do. If you find a VI that is setup as a GUI that you want to use in your own program, you can always wire up its connector pane and call it as a SubVI. Alternately, you can copy and paste code from its block diagram.

Before you can really begin to unleash your LabView programming capability, you will need to learn the following LabView concepts:

  1. Structures (while, for, sequence - all elements on the Block Diagram menu)
  2. Arrays (A Type of LabView data handling)
  3. Clusters (Another Type of LabView data handling)

My future posts will hit these topics hard. Once you understand these concepts, you will understand LabView well enough to truly begin learning on your own.

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